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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706

“Learn with a Smile”


At St John's we have developed a challenging and exciting vision for our church school as it moves into the rapidly developing technological age of the 21st century.

Taking into account the values of staff, children, parents and the wider community - we are aiming to foster the conditions that we believe will give children the best possible chance of leading happy and fulfilling adult lives, as caring and responsible servants of God in an increasingly challenging and diverse society.  We wish to give children the maximum chance of developing the experiences, knowledge and skills needed to become confident, content and economically stable adults who will be the parents of future generations.

We aim to create a learning community to which all members feel proud to belong and for which all members wish to care with a Christian attitude.  We want our school to be vibrant, exciting and stimulating as a centre for quality learning to take place, emphasising a a secure Christian ethos in everything we do, and developing the personal and social skills and attitudes in the responsible citizens of the future.  We recognise the importance of healthy eating and exercise in achieving this and constantly strive to make to make this an important element of school life.

At St. John's, we strive to take into account the rich diversity of all children and their learning styles, opening up the world's opportunities with teaching that is stimulating, challenging and exciting.  We recognise the importance of extra curricular activities and play in encouraging creativity and enquiry - and we strive to make these as challenging and varied as possible so that our school has something for everyone. We recognise the importance of developing sound communication skills in an age where technology is advancing rapidly.  With these values in mind, we aim to give the children the tools with which they can live their lives - both through the development of skills and through care and respect for each other.  It is our aim at Stonefold for all children to have the highest possible aspirations, and we encourage this by valuing the abilities and achievements of each and every member of the school community.  Through developing effective relationships with parents, carers and other stakeholders we wish to ensure that our vision is grasped and shared by all  and that the community and its school can have equal value for each other.  We want all children to feel that they are special and that they belong to something special - and we want them to recognise these qualities in each other.

We believe children should move on from primary school with the potential to develop into inquisitive, capable and caring adults with sound Christian values and a genuine love of learning.  Through our shared vision this is something that we are all working to achieve at Stonefold.