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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706

“Learn with a Smile”

To download the school Child Protection Policy then click here

(to view the policy you will need Adobe Reader. You can get it here-http://www.adobe.com/go/getreader  )


The safeguarding and well-being of your child is paramount at Stonefold. The school was judged  as Good in providing for the behaviour and safety of pupils in our most recent OFSTED inspection (2013).:

' Pupils described the school as being like a family where everyone gets on well.'

' The way in which pupils interact harmoniously is a strength of the school.'

' Pupils say they feel very safe and greatly enjoy school.'

' Pupils have an excellent understanding of how to keep themselves safe, including how to keep safe when using new technologies, such as the Internet and social media sites.'

' There is almost no evidence of bullying and parents and pupils express confidence in the school's systems for dealing with such occurrences should they arise.'

' Lessons are so interesting that misbehaviour in lessons almost never happens because pupils are so keen to get on with their learning.'


The premises are protected by coded doors so no unauthorised persons can gain admission.

All visitors must sign into school and wear a visitor identification badge, available from the school office.

Children who do not have anyone to collect them from school are encouraged to always wait inside the premises until suitable arrangements are made.

While we pride ourselves on our links with parents - we discourage parents from entering the building unless they have appointments with staff - to ensure we can keep a close check on who is in the building.

The school playing field and perimeter are fenced.  While there is a public right of way across the school playing field, children playing out are only permitted in certain areas and the gate giving access to the main road is sealed when the field is in use.

All staff and visitors working with children, in any capacity, must have necessary CRB clearance, records of which are kept in the school office on the Single Central Register.

All staff and children must sign an Acceptable Internet Use document as part of E-safety.

All staff, including teaching assistants - are first aid-trained.

The Headteacher and deputy, as senior designated persons for child protection - receive training on an annual basis.

Fire drills are taken and recorded on a term basis.


The school has a recently updated policy for the administration of medicines, available on request.

Any prescribed medicines can only be administered in school if a form is filled in at the school office giving permission and dosage details.  Medicines are kept in the school office out of children's reach at all times.

All medicine dosages are recorded in a file and this is kept in the school office.


These are found in every school from time to time and it is important to remember that, like the rest us, they prefer clean conditions!!

Any child with this problem will not be sent home from school.  Instead, he/she is likely to be kept inside at break-times as a precaution against spreading, and a letter sent home the same evening to detail necessary treatment.  Once treated, children should return to school as normal.


All accidents, however small, are recorded in the school accident book kept in the main office.  Children who have recieved a bump to the head will usually be given a letter to inform parents to watch for any changes or symptoms, and to be vigilant.  If we are in any doubts about the seriousness of an accident we will ensure an ambulance is called immediately.

School Trips

Detailed risk assessments are carried out by the trip leader in each case and given to the educational visits co-ordinator for approval - who then gains the permission of the Governing body for the trip to proceed.  All coaches for trips must have seat belts, children are not allowed to travel on the front seats or eat on the coach at any time, and they must wear identification labels with the name of the school and a contact telephone number.  First aid kits and all necessary medication are taken on the trips and are the responsibility of the trip leader.