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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706, Fax: 01706 230682

“Learn with a Smile”

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19

Allocation: £24, 000

Ambition:  To  close the gaps for under-achieving Pupil Premium children in specific targeted areas, according to their results in 2018.


Small school with limited number of staff.

Parents do not always have time or opportunity to reinforce learning.

Strategy 1

School will employ a TA Level 3 (as PP co-ordinator) to monitor and track PP children  and ensure their specific needs are being met: (19 Hours)  

Pupil Premium co-ordinator will work with the class teacher to identify specific gaps and learning needs in the children eligible for PP funding.

Pupil Premium co-ordinator will carry out interviews with all parents to discuss strategies and how they can reinforce the target at home.

A file will be kept for each child including action plans updated each half term.

Success Criteria

Clear steps for next-stage learning are identified and resources purchased to help these strategies be put into action e.g. maths resources, games, reading books.

Children making small, measurable steps of progress each term.

Strategy 2

To employ behaviour support and ethos worker (20 hours) to promote children’s well-being in school and improve their social interaction.  

Success Criteria

Children, including PP children, are working harmoniously and are more likely to stay on task with fewer lessons interrupted by incidents at break times and lunch times.

Strategy 3

All PP children have regular, time-tabled input, allowing them to reach the expected standard for their age by the end of the school year.

Strategy 4

To improve the well-being and self-esteem of PP children in the following ways:

Encouraging regular attendance/punctuality in pupils for which this is an issue by establishing a PP breakfast club.

Providing funding for school trips and Residential visits, theatre visits etc.

Providing one set of uniform if required; to the discretion of the head teacher.  

Paying for after-school clubs to develop the whole child;  e.g. music, drama, swimming and sports.

Opportunity to practise musical instruments at home by providing guitars/percussion.

PUPIL PREMIUM 2017-18 and 2018-19