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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706

“Learn with a Smile”


The Governing Body works closely with the Headteacher to ensure the school runs smoothly, efficiently and provides the best value for money.

Governors come from all walks of life: many are linked with St. James's church, while others have backgrounds in education.

The Governing body meets formally once each term, and the various committees meet prior to these meetings to look at school data, spending, staffing and the implementation of the school development plan.

The Governing Body and Areas of Responsibility

Ms S. M. Adams: (Chair)  Able Gifted and Talented /Child Protection and Safeguarding

Miss S Rogers: (Vice Chair) Mathematics

Mr S.C. Oldfield (Headteacher)

Mrs E.J.Clemons (Deputy Headteacher) School Council

Miss F. Moon (Teacher Governor)

Mrs M. Charnley:   Early Years

Mrs C. Whitling

Mrs P. Staines: English/Literacy

Mr G. Taylor: Science

Mrs C.A. Aston

Mrs S. Greenhalgh: Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Mr. P. James: (parent) Online Safety/Prevent/Link Governor

Mrs C. Simpson (parent)

The Reverend T. Murnane

Several governors are regularly involved in lesson observations and monitoring standards - and are linked to St. James's Church, Haslingden, with which the school has strong links.


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