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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706

“Learn with a Smile”

The school has developed its own unique curriculum based on the objectives set out in the National Curriculum (2014).  The management team have worked with staff to produce a thematic curriculum based on the specific needs of the children, as well as the strengths of individual staff members.  Mr Oldfield, our Headteacher, designs the key stage 2 curriculum and Mrs Jones, our key stage 1 leader, designs the curriculum for the younger children.  Examples from our key stage 2 curriculum can be see above.

The curriculum works on a two year rolling programme.  Topics cover a half term, usually seven or eight weeks. Typically, objectives in history, geography or science feed creatively into reading and writing to give the children a real sense of purpose when studying English.  A topic such as ' Space Adventure' - for example, links well to explanation texts, fantasy stories and poems - as well as inspiring music and art.  This is the creative way we work at Stonefold.  

The curriculum, is being evaluated by staff and will constantly be revised and updated as content is delivered.  Mathematics, PE and - in some cases - computing - are not specifically themed - but will be incorporated into the thematic approach when necessary and we are currently developing ideas for this.  Similarly Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation are taught specifically and teachers work to incorporate skills into particular requirements of the English curriculum within each topic area.

Cycle A:  Themes

Autumn:  On the Move/Famous People

Spring: Gorgeous Grub/Colour

Summer:  Living Things/America

 Cycle B:  Themes

Autumn:  Water/Famous People

Spring: Space Adventure/Brilliant Buildings

Summer: Changes/Europe

Throughout the unit, we reinforce learning as much as possible with exciting visits and visitors.  These have recently included

We also have many visits from both the Artyfact and Story Magic Theatres.


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