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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

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“Learn with a Smile”


Class 5 is a Year 5 and 6 class taught by Mrs Celemons.


Our theme this half term is 'Colour'. In English we will be looking at and writing lots of different types of poems. Including; narrative, haiku, shape and riddle poems. We will be learning about synonyms, similes, metaphors, personification and hyperbols.


During this term  we will initially concentrate on fractions, focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and conversion to decimals/ percentages. We will then move on to ratio and proportion and discuss how this is linked to fractions.

The second half of the half term will focus on measures. Including the volume of cubes and cuboids, the conversion between units and reading scales.


In science we will be learning about how animals have adapted to their environments over time, through the process of evolution. We will learn about the different ways animals may have adapted, what features they have that help them survive and why they may be the colour they are. Such as poisonous frogs being red to warn predators not to eat them.


We will be learning about how to create animated movies in scratch. Using sound clips, animations and importing images.


During this half term we will be going swimming on a Monday.  Rossendale Leisure Trust will also be delivering coaching sessions based on games activities. There will be different competitions during the term to put their skills into practice.


During this term will we be learning about how the teachings of the bible should effect how we live our day to day life and how the Christian Values should effect how we behave in school. We will also be discussing the nativity story and how it has many versions which have been edited by the authors for the different audiences.


We will focus on R.E this half term.


During this half term our focus will be history and geography will be studied later in the year.


We will learn about the Mayans and how they lived. Including religious ceremonies that they preformed to their gods. This will be taught by Mr Oldfield.


We will focus on Music.


In music we will be learning about Blues music. What type of mood they set. How they are written. We will then compose our own music for our peers. Which will we discuss and develop for a further second performance.  

Design Technology

We will focus on ART this half term.


As this half terms topic is Colour there will be a lot of colourful art produced. We will focus on drawing a range of different animals. Through different medias, including paint, pastels, inks and shading pencils. We will begin by drawing male and female birds to show how they are different. Ask your child if they remember which is more colourful, male or female animals? Why are they colourful? Can they remember any examples of types of animals where the male is more colourful? What is the animal that is the exception to the rule?