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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706

“Learn with a Smile”


Class 4 is a Year 4 and 5 class taught by Miss Novak

The teaching assistants working in Class 4 are Mrs Munroe and Miss Stead.



In our English lessons for this half term we are looking at non-fiction books, including 1st and 3rd person perspectives. We will learn about technical language, facts, opinions, conjunctions and non-fiction text features !


We will complete our Maths work this year covering topics such as multiplying and dividing by 10/100, rounding numbers up to 1,000,000, interpreting and presenting data, solving problems including decimals, identifying 3D shapes from 2D representations and formal methods for addition, subtraction and division.


In Science we are looking at the planets and the solar system. We will learn about spacecrafts, meteors and stars.


We will be learning about the north and south poles (the Arctic and Antarctica) including what animals live there, what the land is like, do people live there and what the weather is like.


We will be trying to draw bodies in proportion, practicing our shading and developing our painting skills. Hopefully our end product should be an astronaut model on the mooon.


Our Monday sessions will be with Miss Novak and focus on invasion games and our Thursday session is continuing various games skills. Please ensure your child’s full PE Kit is in school at all times.


We will be looking at space music, identifying pitch, tone and instruments and then move on to creating our own piece of music.


Homework goes home on a Monday and is due the following Monday, most children have their spelling test on a Monday morning. A select few have it on a Friday morning instead. There are several children who are on different spellings, it is up to individual children to collect their correct spelling homework (they need to start building their independence at this age).

There are several different interventions that take place with Mrs Munroe and Ms Stead through out the week, your child may receive extra homework if they are part of one of these groups.