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St John’s Stonefold CE Primary School

Rising Bridge Road, Rising Bridge, Accrington BB5 2SW
Tel: 01706 216706

“Learn with a Smile”


Class 3 is taught by Miss Thomason

Happy New Year to everyone!

During this first Spring Half Term, our topic will be: SPACE.

In English we will be learning the skills of: explanation texts.

We will be working towards researching then creating a Class 3 Book of The Earth, concentrating on natural aspects of the earth as a planet in space.

The children will learn to:

Use headings and sub headings; use technical vocabulary; present tense; illustrations and captions;

complex sentences; connectives; note taking to select key words and phrases; organising paragraphs around a theme and giving oral explanations to the group.

In Maths we will be covering:

Place value, counting and mental addition & subtraction; fractions; written & mental division; volume, capacity and mass; counting sequencing & multiplication and statistics, measurement & money.

In Geography

We will study the northern hemisphere of the Earth.  This will include the use of maps, atlases and computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied. We will identify cities which lie along the same line as Manchester and compare them.

In Science the children will investigate;

What are forces and how are they different?

What is a magnet and how does it work?

Which object is the most magnetic?

Which magnet is the strongest?

In Art we will be practising a variety of techniques including: drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials.

In Music we will learn how a combination of music and lyrics can produce a powerful effect of moving up into space and floating. After watching videos of rockets taking off, we will work with percussion instruments to produce a piece of music with varying dynamics, tempo and texture.

In R.E we will study Jesus as the man who changed lives. We will explore how he changed lives then and now. We will reflect back on the healing miracles and what happened when Jesus changed a person’s life.

In ICT we will be using computer programs such as Purple Mash to create aliens and space scenes.